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Ellivate for Growth.

This workshop will help ‘ellivate’ your leaders coaching capability and set them up for better coaching conversations with their team members.

An effective coach can significantly improve the performance of their team and create an amazing place for their team to work.

Why 'Ellivate for Growth' coaching workshop?

Great leaders are great coaches and will spend a significant part of their time coaching team members to success, helping them deliver excellent long term value for their clients and the organisation.


How effective are you and your leaders in developing your team members and ultimately creating a great customer experience?


This workshop will help ‘ellivate’ your leaders coaching capability and set them up for better coaching conversations with their team members.



How Ellivate makes this happen:

Typically, this is a one- or two-day workshop depending on client needs and provides a clear structured approach to coaching leveraging the GROW model.  


A core component of the workshop focuses on mindsets and the science behind a leaders coaching. Using a combination of discussions, presentations and practice leaders will be better equipped to coach, mentor and develop their team members.



What you will have achieved: 

Following the workshop participants will be able to……

  • Build on their existing coaching and communication skills and use a flexible coaching process in a variety of situations.

  • Maximise team-member performance and motivate them to identify options to improve their performance.

  • Conduct developmental and non-performance-related coaching sessions.

  • Build positive and supportive relationships with team members.

Download our Ellivate for Growth workshop brochure here

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