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How do you help build the capability of you sales and service team members?


Sales enablement focuses on the effectiveness of your teams and how they can increase their capability, knowledge and skills to have the best conversations with their prospects and clients.


So often organisations hire people from within
their industry thinking they will get an immediate return but without the necessary enablement
and clarity on how you want to do things in their business

Ellivate Consulting L

Enablement is sometimes confused with sales operations but the two work hand in hand.  We will help you equip all client-facing team members with the capability to have consistent and valuable conversations with the right customers and implement the relevant tools and frameworks to support your business as it grows.


Operating model:

How does your current operating model ‘ellivate’ your teams' sales and service performance?  We can create the right operating model for your industry and business to set your sales and service teams up for success.


Embedding the right tools and systems for success: 

Did you know there are over 40 categories of tools to support sales and service teams?

CRM is just one of these and it's not just for your sales teams, it can help drive efficiency and the effectiveness of your relationships right the way through the business from Product, Marketing, Sales and Service.  So often organisations fail to leverage the CRM they have installed or to even use a CRM – How effective is your organisation?  


Communication and messaging:

How aligned are your sales and service teams with product and marketing?  Messaging is key with your prospects and customers but are all these teams singing from the same hymn sheet?

If you are wanting to embed change and increase enablement of your teams then communication is critical particularly if you have remote team members out on the road.  We can devise various communication frameworks and strategies to help you embed change and ensure you see the required ROI.


Competency frameworks

Do you know what skills and capabilities to hire against to ensure you have successful recruits in the business?  More importantly, do your leaders know what skills and capabilities make for a successful staff member for them to coach against and deliver quality development plans?  We can help you develop the necessary frameworks to make better hiring decisions, onboard new staff effectively and improve the learning and development of your existing team.


Training sales and service teams:

We will work with you to identify areas of improvement for your team members whether it be enhancing their skills and capability in customer service through the sales cycle and into account management and retention.  Our tailored training programs can focus on the particular need within your business and ensure you achieve great results.



How effective are your leaders and how mch time are they spending growing their team members capabilities?  However much time it is it's not enough.  Whether it be one on one engagements or group based coaching skills workshops we have you covered.




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